About Us


Our company was established in 1974-1975 as a small scale industry with the aim of providing quality electroplating services for a wide variety of clients. We are still a family managed enterprise and most of our associates have been with the company for many years.

Specialized Expertise:

Our process lines and facilities are dedicated to providing specific surface treatment techniques with little or no cross over functions with other process lines. This ensures proper quality and eliminates the possibility of process contamination. In addition to maintain separate processes, we also strive to understand the environment in which products treated by us function so as to ensure proper surface treatment.


Our extensive range of surface treatment services – electroplating (cadmium, nickel, zinc), aluminium anodizing (hard and flash), electro-colouring and powder coating – leads us to service clients in different industries such as defense system manufacturers, electronic component manufacturers, automotive suppliers, construction companies, building material suppliers and energy equipment manufacturers.

Customer Relationships:

We take pride in long standing relationships and this is reflected in the fact that most of our clients are repeat customers with some relationships stretching back to the 1990’s.

Social Responsibility:

Long-term ecological conservation is inbred into our processes and we employ a wide range of methods and equipment to maintain and improve on this commitment. Please Submit your Inquiry for detailed information on our services and rates.