Our Quality

Quality is at our core:

Understanding that our work is central to the eventual quality and success of our clients, we strive to offer quality oriented solutions to our clients both in terms of meeting stringent technical specifications as well as demanding delivery schedules. Our ISO 9001-2008 certification has been recently audited and re-certified to May 2015.

In addition to achieving and maintaining our ISO 9001-2008 certification we have also begun work to evolve our infrastructure and procedures so as to attain process certifications from international organizations. Our long term perspective and goal is to provide an end-to-end quality lifecycle to all our customer irrespective of industry vertical and size.

Quality for us does not only mean coating quality. Our endeavor is to achieve functional quality in all our business processes – Job Work Order Management, In-bound and Out-bound inspection of customer material, quality in purchasing raw material and consumables, process documentation, accounting and general housekeeping.

To achieve this overarching goal, our company has commenced work on developing and deploying a custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) software program. We expect to deploy this program across both our units before 31 March 2015. The other allied goal in deploying this software is to achieve a reasonable level of transparency and traceability in all our functions to facilitate proper inspection and auditing by both quality system certifiers and customers alike.

Process Quality Control Methodology

Controlling quality is a multi stage effort in both our units. We inspect all in-bound customer material with the aim of ensuring that the material is received in pristine condition and is compatible to the specifications required by the customer. This is followed by a stringent plating design function which ensures that subtle nuances such as substrate alloy, customer specific requirements and variations in size and form are taken into account to ensure proper surface treatment.

Finally we subject all discreet (rack plated) components to a 100% Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) exercise to ensure that the plating scales up to customer and technical specifications. Additionally test coupons plated along with customer material is taken up for Destructive Testing (DT). Both our units are equipped with both Non-Destructive and Destructive testing equipments and we are planning to supplement the existing equipment with additional and modern techniques.

We also maintain in-house laboratories in both our units for conducting regular and periodic volumetric analysis measurements of all our chemical process baths and also for ensuring rinse water quality.